I’m Dana, a 32 year old aspiring author living in Southern California.  I love science fiction, comics, Star Wars, World of Warcraft, Harry Potter, gaming, British TV, and geeky crafts. In addition to spending far too much time on Twitter, I enjoy attending numerous conventions such as San Diego Comic Con and Wondercon to get the latest news and goodies from the world of geek.

I originally started this blog under a different title to motivate me to break out of a rut and get back into the things that made me happy. But eventually the rut-breaker circled right back into a rut of its own. I still wanted to blog, but after a few years Nerdy Girl On A Mission started feeling like a pair of shoes that didn’t quite fit right anymore. I started avoiding it out of irritation.

It felt a bit late in the game to rename the blog and start all over, but I that’s the great thing about zombies, I guess: they never let a little thing like an expiration date stand in the way of glory. And isn’t that kind of inspiring?

You can email me at danalynnwrites @ gmail.com

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