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Choosing To Be Positive In Fandom

With Star Wars: The Force Awakens fast approaching and the World of Warcraft announcements regarding both the new expansion, Legion, and the upcoming Warcraft film, I find that a lot of the arguments and negative comments I’ve seen surrounding both of these franchises tend… Continue Reading “Choosing To Be Positive In Fandom”

Deadpool Is The (Anti)Hero We’ve Been Waiting For

The red band Deadpool trailer was released this week to a cacophonous explosion of fan love. It’s every bit as foul-mouthed and fun as long-time fans could have hoped for, and more than makes up for the limp noodle of disappointment that was Wolverine‘s… Continue Reading “Deadpool Is The (Anti)Hero We’ve Been Waiting For”

Containment Pilot Review

The following review contains numerous spoilers. I got a sneak peak at the pilot for Containment at Comic Con and it looks promising. Containment, as the name suggests, is the story centered on attempts to contain a massive outbreak in the city of Atlanta.… Continue Reading “Containment Pilot Review”

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