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The Vatican Tapes Review

I’m dividing this into two parts. The first half is a spoiler-free review of The Vatican Tapes. The second half is very spoiler-heavy, including the ending, so that I can go more into depth about my thoughts on this movie. I’ll mark the end… Continue Reading “The Vatican Tapes Review”

Friends Don’t Let Friends Watch Unfriended – A Spoiler-Free Review

If you like to see people in your movies, Unfriended probably isn’t the film for you. Facebook and Skype don’t simply serve as a framework for the movie, they are the movie. The film is just 82 minutes of main character Blaire’s computer screen,… Continue Reading “Friends Don’t Let Friends Watch Unfriended – A Spoiler-Free Review”

Spoiler-Free Review of Paranormal Activity 4

Paranormal Activity 4 would probably have been more satisfying as a stand-alone movie. As the fourth installment of a series, with the other films leading up to this conclusion (in the promotional poster’s own words, no less), it left a lot to be desired.… Continue Reading “Spoiler-Free Review of Paranormal Activity 4”

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