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Tales From A Galaxy Far, Far Away

As another installment of the journey to The Force Awakens, Disney Lucasfilm Press released four stand-alone novellas by Landry Q. Walker. All are subtitled Tales From A Galaxy Far Away, and are part of the same series as The Perfect Weapon. All four are… Continue Reading “Tales From A Galaxy Far, Far Away”

Star Wars: The Perfect Weapon

Star Wars: The Perfect Weapon by Delilah S. Dawson is the first in a series of novellas being released as part of the journey to The Force Awakens.  It was a mostly solid entry in the series with two minor exceptions. While the main… Continue Reading “Star Wars: The Perfect Weapon”

Star Wars: Shattered Empire Spoiler Free Review

Launched as part of the “Journey To The Force Awakens” multimedia campaign, Shattered Empire begins in the final moments of Return of the Jedi and takes off from there. A fast-paced space battle kicks the story off before the familiar post-Death Star celebration begins.… Continue Reading “Star Wars: Shattered Empire Spoiler Free Review”

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