George Lucas Sells Lucasfilm to Disney for 4 Billion

George Lucas sold off the Star Wars universe to Disney to the tune of 4 billion dollars. If that announcement isn’t shocking enough, Disney has already set a very approximate date for the next Star Wars film: 2015. (Also, I vote Nathan Fillion for Han Solo) . Disney has a trilogy planned, with more possibly to come after that.  There have been hints that we can expect a much bigger Star Wars presence in the Disney parks as well.

Am I terrible, disloyal fan if my very first thought was, “Well, it’s not like they could do a worse job than Lucas?” I love Star Wars. I respect and admire George Lucas for creating it. But I hated the new trilogy. Maybe if the filmmakers are held accountable to someone, rather than being surrounded by hired yes-men, we can expect a modicum of improvement. It won’t be anything like the original Star Wars, but neither were the prequels.

Perhaps the biggest question for the comic book community: Will this impact Dark Horse’s relationship with Star Wars? Can we expect a new comic series from Marvel?

One Comment on “George Lucas Sells Lucasfilm to Disney for 4 Billion

  1. I was half expecting this to pop up somewhere… and I agree. The new trilogy was just cashing in on the popularity of the original trilogy, whilst twisting it into a story that would be likable by everyone today. The only problem with that is, you can’t do the latter without disappointing your old fan base.

    But it seemed to work for everyone else. Everyone I knew who watched the new trilogy but had never seen the old one loved the new trilogy. Then when I tried to get them to watch the old one, they couldn’t. They complained about the lack of beautiful visual effects and found the movies to be extremely boring.

    Despite that, I do fear what Disney could turn Star Wars into as well. I know they have done some more “serious” movies in their time, but it just doesn’t feel right. I’m expecting another trilogy that feels detached from the Star Wars universe that we all know and love, with characters whose personalities are as fleshed out as a pile of bones. But I’m still really curious about what they’ll do with it…

    I guess I’m generally just cynical and pessimistic after all. 😀


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