New Star Wars Animated Show: Star Wars Rebels

Hard at work already...
Star Wars Rebels showrunner David Filoni

Disney has clearly decided to fast-track its new Star Wars properties.  Rebels, set during the twenty year gap between the two trilogies, will be premiering in the Fall of 2014 on Disney according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Star Wars Rebels will open with an hour long special on the Disney channel, followed by regular half hour episodes on Disney XD.

The most interesting news (to me, anyhow) is that Filoni says that we will finally be seeing the familiar imagery of the original trilogy.

While I’m not as militant as most in my dislike of the prequels, I’ve always thought that they just didn’t look or feel like Star Wars.  I’m especially pleased by Joel Aron’s statements regarding the palette and lighting hybridization between Ralph McQuarrie’s artwork and A New Hope. I have high hopes that they’ll be moving away from the more sterile, ultra-bright visuals of the prequels and Clone Wars series.  Greg Weisman, executive producer on the childhood favorite of many a 90s kid–Gargoyles–is another great name attached to this project.

Much as I’m disappointed by the fact that Seth Green’s Star Wars: Detours appears to be on indefinite hiatus, I’m very excited for this new series.

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