I Hate Fairyland Review

I Hate FairylandI Hate Fairyland is a new comic book by Scottie Young that launched in October from Image Comics. Fairyland features an off-beat heroine and an art style that’s equal parts creepy and cute. It feels a little bit like if Angelica from the Rugrats was transported into an especially violent variant of the Candy Land universe.

Gertrude, aka Gert, is an adorable green-haired little girl who dreams of being transported to a magic kingdom. When her wish comes true, she quickly realizes that fantasy universes aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. As the title not-so-subtly suggests, little Gert quickly comes to loathe Fairyland with a violent passion. Cannons, machine guns, and her own jaws are just a few of the weapons Gert wields against the Fairyland denizens in her quest to find her way home.

The story and pacing were extremely solid; unlike so many comics I’ve read recently, I Hate Fairyland felt like it had a strong beginning, middle, and ending. It ended on a very natural stopping point with a compelling cliffhanger, which is a wonderful change of pace from comics that seem to abruptly stop mid-scene just because a certain page limit had been reached.

I Hate Fairlyland is highly recommended, and issue #2 will be available on November 18th.


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