Lattes With Leia: A New Star Wars Podcast

Lattes With Leia Lattes With Leia is a brand new podcast from Amy Ratcliffe and Dr. Andrea Letamendi. Amy is best known for her work on Star, Star Wars Insider, IGN, and The Nerdist. Dr. Letamendi is the psychologist behind The Arkham Sessions, a podcast that offers psychological analysis of Batman: The Animated Series . Both are popular panelists at conventions like San Diego Comic Con and Wondercon, and Dr. Letamendi did a TedX Talk on the psychology of superheroes.

To paraphrase a bit from their introduction at the beginning of the episode, Lattes With Leia aims to be an inclusive show free of the “true fan” mentality that can be so repressive in some fandom circles. It will focus on the female point of view. Rather than chasing down all the latest news, it will be more of a conversation about the fandom and the deeper meaning of the stories and characters.

As someone who tries to balance staying spoiler-free with finding places online to discuss Star Wars, I’m glad to have a podcast that will offer an emphasis on discussing existing elements rather than focusing on obsessing over every scrap of news regarding the upcoming films. And having followed Amy on Twitter for several years, I feel confident in assuring people that if and when they do discuss any of the upcoming films, she’s the type to fact-check and squash rumors when people on social media start getting carried away with repeating un-sourced speculation as fact.

The first episode, A Rey Of Hope, focused–as you might have guessed–on Rey. I enjoyed in particular the psychological underpinnings of the character rounding out the discussion and providing extra layers.

At an hour long, it was a good length for the show: enough time to really sink their teeth into the topic at hand and short enough not to drag on. The only negative I can report is that the premiere episode of Lattes With Leia will make you want to open your wallet and head back to the theater for another viewing of The Force Awakens.


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