Tabletopia: A Kickstarter For Tabletop Fans

I can’t deny being more than a little hyped about Tabletopia. If the developers can deliver on their promises, this looks to be an exciting platform for both playing and creating a wide variety of tabletop games in a virtual setting. While I’m committed to the search for a local tabletop game group to attend in person, the ability to play these games with online friends would be very welcome.

The game design features seem very user-friendly, though at this point it’s hard to tell exactly how much experience one will need to make use of this aspect of Tabletopia. I’m curious if they’ll model their distribution platform like Steam Greenlight, which requires community support, or if anyone who makes a game will be able to sell it without a screening process.


Tabletopia was conceived by Russian businessman Tim Bokarev along with two partners in the gaming industry, Artem Zinoviev and Dmitry Sergeev. The project reached its initial Kickstarter goal of $20,000 within 24 hours and is now working on a $35,000 stretch goal. You can follow them on Twitter and check out their blog.

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