Wildstar Goes Free-To-Play

Wildstar is launching its free-to-play service on September 29th. Debuting in June of 2014, the MMO–created by a sizable portion of former World of Warcraft employees as well as developers from other popular games–originally required a $15 per month subscription fee. After much initial hype, subscription numbers never really held strong.

The free-to-play option has a number of restrictions, ranging from character slots, auction listing, the ability to form circles and invite other players, to priority of access to Customer Support. For players who want all the perks, “Signature” accounts are offered at the old price of $15 per month.

wildstar feature table

The full list of game features effected by free-to-play account status can be found here.

Like Warcraft, Wildstar is divided into two factions, the Dominion and the Exiles, with a fairly balanced set of races. Each has a cute and cuddly short race, a human or human-like race, a big and fierce race, and the choice of either robots (Dominion) or mechanically-augmented zombies (Exiles).

Expect server access to be severely impaired and congested in the first few days, possibly weeks, like launch of any major online game. Weekends will likely be congested for a few weeks beyond that.


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