LARPs: The Series

Live Action Roleplay. Arguably one of the geekiest hobbies, even by the standards of geeks. This hilarious series by Geek & Sundry chronicles a band of LARPers and their adventures, all done with amazing production values. The audience gets to know them both in and out of their game world.

The humor manages the fine balance between poking fun at some of the sillier aspects of LARP without ever looking down on the hobby, or more importantly, the people who enjoy LARP.

Terminology is handled well throughout the series; various terms are explained quickly without detracting from the flow of the episodes, so people unfamiliar with roleplaying jargon can get up to speed without bogging down the story for viewers who are better acquainted with the source material.

The series is really held together by the knockout performance of Jon Verall as the GM. Like the Game Master of any good RP group, he really sets the mood, and in the show he’s also the straight man the audience can relate to as he tries to herd the others as their shenanigans constantly threaten the plots.

My only real complaint would be that I’d have preferred more emphasis on the game’s storyline with less real-life interludes. It’s not so much that they were long, but rather the episodes are fairly short to begin with, leaving very little time for the in-game action. But even with that minor quibble, it’s still an excellent watch.


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