Get Your Exercise The Geeky Way Part 2

This time, instead of focusing on a single method, I rounded up a variety of workout tools, apps, accesories, and more to add nerdy flair to your fitness routine.

geekworkout11. The Imperial All Star shirt is one of many great workout tops by Geeked Out Fitness.




geekworkout22. Vitality Potion Water Bottle by Geeked Out Fitness.





3. Zombies, Run! app. Available for both iPhone and Android, this clever app is essentially a game you play by being active. Your goal is to collect supplies needed to survive the zombie apocalypse.


4. If you get your exercise on treadmills or stationary bikes, you’ll love these World of Warcraft treadmill videos. You’ll go on a tour of Azeroth without ever leaving home. Bonus: recently the uploader added a Wildstar version.


geekworkout55. This Captain America Duffel Bag is perfect for a small gym bag.






6. Geek-themed workout videos are a must-have for any geek’s fitness routine. I’m partial to this X-Men HIIT workout, but the uploader has about twenty other themed videos including Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Minecraft, and many more.


7. If you’re not quite fit enough for a challenging HIIT workout like in the previous video series, this Zombie Step Aerobics workout is fun, funny, and good for a beginner.


geekworkout98. This Harry Potter circuit training workout from Pinterest is kind of like a drinking game, only with exercise instead of booze (okay, I know that sounds a tad disappointing, but bear with me guys). What I love best about this is you can take this basic principle and apply it to any movie or TV show to add some exercise when you park in front of a screen. It’s also a really good way to get kids interested in fitness.




geekworkout3 9. I love this Run Like Ron Weasley shirt from Stride Fitness Apparel, another great shop with a variety of geeky workout apparel.







And if you haven’t read my post about walking from Bag End to Mordor, be sure to check it out.

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