Cosplaying Veteran Needs Your Help

cosplaying veteranCosplay is therapeutic for a lot of geeks. For a retired Army veteran of 25 years, Ronald Seaman, that holds even more true. After being confined to a wheelchair following a degenerative spinal condition as a result of his service, he turned to cosplay as a form of therapy.

In addition to his own cosplay adventures, he gives public talks about not allowing disability to prevent one from getting out of the house and experiencing life. He teaches people how to build cosplay suits and accessories from readily available materials.

cosplaying veteran2Ronald is reaching out to raise funds for a standing wheelchair, which will help him accomplish more and build his strength, possibly even allowing him to stand without the aid of a chair for short periods. If you have a few dollars to spare, please consider helping out a fellow geek and cosplayer who continues to help others long after his 25 years as an American serviceman.

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